Friday, May 27, 2005

Dangers of School.....

This is what bit my No. 3 son this week as he was doing his science project. Don't worry it is a harmless gardensnake. No. 3 son loves spiders and snakes. Don't worry the snake lives in our back yard garden. He also broke his little finger , but that is another story. Life is never dull when children are around. Posted by Hello

Tigers, Lions, and Bears...Oh! My!

This is what I am working this week for my oldest daughter. She is wanting 3 triangle fishnets to place her children's stuffed animals in.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Playing with different stitches

I have been playing around making the diagonal hot pad using different stitches. The off white is stitched in single crochet worked in the back loop. Purple and white is stitched using 1 single in the first stitch and double in the next stitch, repeat, and is done in Sugar and Cream cotton with an I hook. The off white is done in a cotton that I don't know the name of and is not as thick as Sugar and Cream. Also with an I hook. That is why it is smaller.  Posted by Hello