Thursday, August 25, 2005

What is a Granny Square? Posted by Picasa

Granny square is a
Rainbow of colors
Artistically arranged
New yet old
Never the same
Yarn or string

Soft to wrap in
Quaint hands have made
Uniguely yours
Always with love a
Ready hug for

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lazy Days

Creative Hands
I have not been crafting much this summer. I have been lazy enjoying the summer.

I am not going to get much done this month as I will be making my kids school schedule for the year. We have homeschooled all 8 of our children at one time or another. The yougest two have never be to public school. I will be homeschooling an 11th grader, 9th grader, and 5th grader.

Things I am working on are: pot holders, fishnet toy holders, and M & M's. Have gotten a digital so will be posting pictures soon.

Hug your kids and keep your needles flying.