Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here is the picture he has chosen. Help in converting this into a coloring page format. To make it into a 2 color Afghan.

Converting, and knitting

Son #3 has decided on who he wants on his Afghan. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 .

I have a picture but I can't seem to post it right now.

What I would like to do with it is make it in 2 colors only on my LK150 kniting machine. I need some help in converting the picture into a coloring page to do this.
Any advise Help would be appreciated.

His chosen colors are Navy Blue character and white back ground.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Crafting News of the week

Well, we have narrowed the Colors down to two for son no. 3's afghan. Navy Blue and White.

Now to get the character that he wants in coloring page format. But first he has to choose the character. This will be knitted on my LK150 machine.

To stay on top of what I did last week in crochet, well, It wasn't much but, it was something. I made a cross bookmark for a friend.
Daughter no. 3 was home and has asked for a couple that she can give as gifts, so I know what I will be doing in Crochet this week.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Beginnings--With a New Year

New Year and New Creations to make.

This Year I plan on making each child of mine an afghan for their birthday. So I have about six weeks to make the first one. It is for Son number 3.

Now, to figure out which character to make? Star Wars, Final Fantasy, or Escaflowne.

Well at least I know his favorite colors. That is a good start.

Time to play "I Spy" and see what he wants without him finding out what I am up too. Will this make me a secret agent? Hmmmm